Moulana Zaheer Azmi was born in the era of post independence of India in the year 1957 in the village of Waleed Pur ,Uttar Pur district of Azam Garh in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was the period when India was experiencing the fresh taste of its independence.
An Islamic graduate( ALIMIAT ,equivalent to Bachelor of Arts degree)from the Arabic University NADWAT-UL-ULAMA ,Lucknow in the year 1977 (Hijri 1397).
He post graduated from the same university in the year 1979 (Hijri 1399)and was honored by ” TAKHASSUS ADAB “,a master degree which ranks equal as Master of Arts.And finally in the year 1983(Hijri 1403).He was once again honored with ” KULLIYA-TUS-SHARIAH ” (Islamic law) from the Islamic University of Madinah Munawwarah in Saudi Arabia.
Besides his achievements in the field of Islam, he also has quite impressive work experience with some of the eminent entities of the society and with media as well.

To name a few among many:

  • Daa’wah (Calling towards Islam), teaching & imparting knowledge of Quran and Hadees in different masajid and various centers of across –U.A.E since 1984.
  • Translating Arabic Khutba (sermon delivered on Friday) to Urdu language in Jamia Umar Bin Aal Khattab Masjid at Al Hudaiba,Dubai- –U.A.E.
  • Delivering Friday Kutbah in Urdu language at Masjid Muhammad Sabir , Qusais Industrial Area,Dubai-U.A.E since 1999 up to date.
  • Three years of continuous successful shows ‘ Noor Ki Kiran ‘ with one of the most-listened Radio Station of Dubai 93.9fm “ Noor Dubai ” in which Islamic lectures were delivered and queries of listener were answered with R.J Sayyed Arshad.
  • Islamic programs with Radio Spice 105.4 of Dubai in the Holy Month of Ramadan at sahar time with R.J Sayyed Arshad.
  • Tafseer e Quraan After Ishan Prayer at Latifa Masjid in Jafiliya Dubai U.A.E.
  • Extensive Years of experience as an Arabic and Islamic Teacher in Pakistani English School , Dubai, U.A.E.

Author of books in Urdu language:

  1. Shaitan ki Chalein aur Hifazat ki Rahein (Protection from the footsteps of Satan).
  2. Noor ki Kirney (Rays of Divine Light).
  3. Ramazan ki Tajalliyaan (Blessings of Ramadan).
  4. Insan Apne Azli Dushman ko Pehchaan (Mankind! Recognize your Eternal Enemy)